CPT 606

CPT 606 

Key Specifications:

121.5 / 243 MHz homing system
Automatic or selected deployment
C.A.A approved to specification No. 16
Meets MIL-STD-810C and RTCA DO-183 / DO-160B
Installation design and assistance
Options: Digital flight data recorder and 406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT Transmitter
Currently fitted to: Aerospatiale SA332/SA365, Bell 212/214ST, Sikorsky S61/S76, and MBB Bo105
9 GHz radar transponder
Automatic activation
F.A.A approved to TSO C91a
Successfully used in the North Sea
48 hour (minimum) operation


The basic ADELT CPT-606 system comprises the beacon, carrier and ejection mechanism, deployment battery, and control panel. The beacon is contained within the carrier and mounted externally at a suitable location. The control panel provides for testing of system integrity, system arming, crew activation, and deployment confirmation. Various remote activation devices may be incorporated in the installation design, such as frangible, float, inertia, saline, or hydrostatic switches. At least one sensor should couple with the deployment battery to avoid dependency on the aircraft electrical supply. When operated, whether by crew or remote sensor activation, a small cartridge triggers the release of two coiled springs, which eject the beacon safely away from the aircraft. Once upright and in the water, the beacon will automatically transmit homing signals on 121.5 / 243 MHz, while the transponder reacts to aircraft or ship's radar, pinpointing its position on the search vessel's radar screen.


      Technical Specifications:  

Homing Beacon:

121.5/243 MHz, 300mW


9 GHz, 50 dBm, 400-800 mW

Operating Battery:

15V Lithium, 3 year service life

Deployment Battery:

12V Lithium, 2 year service life


International Orange

Ejection Velocity:

8 metres / second

Carrier Footprint:

140 sq.ins approx.


10 Kgs approx.


      CPT 606

Caledonian Airborne Systems reserves the right to alter specifications without notice.

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