CPT 609

CPT 609

Key Specifications:

Fast, accurate location and identification
406 MHz COSPAS/SARSAT Transmitter
121.5/243 MHz Homing Transmitter
9 GHz Transponder
Automatic or selected deployment
Automatic activation
48 hour minimum operation
Installation design and assistance  


The CPT 609 ADELT is unique in that it is the world's first radio/radar and satellite Transmitter Locator Beacon. The CPT 609 is a derivative of the highly successful CPT 606 ADELT. The CPT 609 comprises homing transmitter on 121.5/243 MHz, radar transponder on 9 GHz compatible with aircraft or ship's radar, and satellite transmitter operating on 406 MHz.

The satellite transmitter operates as follows. The beacon is programmed with the country code and the aircraft registration marking or radio call sign. When the Beacon is activated by deployment into water, the satellite transmitter transmits its programmed information as a burst of coded signals to the orbiting COSPAS/SARSAT satellites receiving on 406 MHz. The message is stored by the satellite and downloaded to the nearest Local User Terminal (LUT) ground station. Here the signal is processed to obtain latitude and longitude of the aircraft in distress and its identity. This in turn is passed to a Mission Control Centre (MCC) which routes the information to the Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCC) nearest the incident, from where search and rescue forces will be sent. Accuracy of the 406MHz signal is to within 1-2Km; although testing has proved accuracies of 0.2Km can be achieved.

Once in the general vicinity of the Beacon, SAR teams can locate the scene with the aid of the 121.5/243 MHz homing transmitter and the 9 GHz transponder which will guide SAR forces to within 10m of the Beacon.

The CPT 609 ADELT can be field programmable, greatly reducing the cost and impact of changing aircraft identity. The CPT 609 can be reprogrammed at remote locations without the need for costly and inconvenient disassembly for replacement of EPROMS.

Technical Specifications:

Satellite Transmitter:

406.025 MHz

Homing Transmitter:

121.5 and 243 MHz

Radar Transponder:

9 GHz




8" Max dia., 23" length excl. Ant.

Operating duration:

48 hours continuous

Battery Pack:

15v Lithium

Service Life:

3 years

CPT 609


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