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March 2017

Supported Malaysian Aviation Company for recovery, repair, design of Tactical MFDs.

January 2017

Caledonian starts its 30th year of profitable and net exporting operation.

December 2016

Our production of Data Converters during 2016 exceeded previous years’ rates. The deliveries were for both UK aircraft production and for export. 

June 2016

Major Helicopter OEM is added to the list of customers seeking Caledonian’s Advanced Extended Environmental Range Serial Digital Converters. Several units have been delivered between Jan and May 2016.

March 2016

CAS unveil upgraded IN1502A RDR1500B Replacement Display.

February 2015

Delivery of ARINC converters is accomplished on time.

January 2015

Upgrade of 2009 installed Scorpio Mission Control for Government operated fleet of F-406 was completed.

31st December 2014

Interest in Caledonian's ARINC converters is maintained with orders from North America. Deliveries expected early in the New Year.

1st November 2014

Completed Mission Training of the TWS-AIS-DVR, on the remaining Helicopter on its return to base from outstation.

12 August 2014 

Completed Installations, ground tests, flight tests, training and certification of TWS-AIS-DVR for Far East Naval Helicopters fleet.

Another record time.

May 2014

Caledonian delivered several of our innovative systems of DVR-TWS-AIS to a Far Eastern Navy Helicopter fleet. This delivery is in a record time, please see December 2013 below.

April 2014

The French Aero Navale revisted Caledonian at Aberdeen Airport. The visitors arrived at Aberdeen Airport, Scotland on board the JS-41EPV that Caledonian converted from Pax to MPA in 2009-2010 respectively.

Avdef has provided an excellent in service support to the Aero Navale consequently has been awarded a continuation contract for the next 5 years.

December 2013

Caledonian completed its first 25 years of operation and net export business. Many developments and several patents have been accredited and more applied for in this period. 

December 2013

Caledonian most recent business is to provide Upgrade of Radar functions to include Caledonian’s own TWS-AIS-DVR also Mode Switching and PiP on a fleet of Far Eastern Helicopters.

September 2013

The DVR stand alone may operate independently from the mission computer.

May 2013

On May 4th, The Scorpio Mission Computer MCU-B is extended to include the function of ADS-B. This development is an addition to the standard function of the RMS to complement TWS-AIS over moving map & hydrographic chart. 

The Radar Mission System enables view of air traffic and will be displayed at the cockpit and to mission operators.

This part of Scorpio RMS is equipped with multi channel ADS-B. The latest version would be form fit with previous version plus antenna connections. 

March 2013 

In March 2013 the French Aeronavale EPV aircraft which in 2009/2010 were converted by Caledonian from Pax to Maritime Surveillance fleet, visited Caledonian at Aberdeen Airport. The fleet has successfully flown circa 3000FH.

The French specialist Air Operator and Maintenance Organisation AVdef facilitated this success.  During the visit training flights over a 'Hostile Environment' (the North Sea) were carried out. This successful program of in flight demonstrations of a version of our Caledonian ScorpioŽ Mission System was successfully evaluated.


February 2013 - In February 2013 the Thermal Imaging Interface Unit was produced to be suitable for Wescam and FIS equipment.

Please refer to our Thermal Imaging page on our website.

January 2013 - In January 2013 Caledonian designed, manufactured and installed a Thermal Imaging Interface Unit to accommodate the integration of systems on board MPAs which were already equipped with Seaspray-Scorpio system. The installation in South America was carried out in February 2013.

28/06/2012 - Completed INS-GPS full integration tests with Seaspray - Scorpio on Seaking.

30/11/2011 - Completed the 1st Seaking SH3-D with 360° E-Scan and Scorpio RMS which tested satisfactory on the 5th Dec 2011.  The installation includes 3 new Scorpio Consoles, FDD, Satcom, AIS & INS-GPS. Tests were recorded at both Base and ABZ – Scotland circa 7500NM in real time. The 2nd Seaking aircraft is waiting testing.

11/11/2011 - Completed the 2nd B-200 installation, certified, observed and recorded Test Flt pattern over the sea from the circa 7500NM via Scorpio Ground Stations at Base and ABZ Scotland in real time.

15/6/2011 - Completed installation, certified and test flown the 1st B-200 equipped with E-Scan Radar-Scorpio RMS.  The aircraft is equipped with 2 new consoles with retractable worktops, Scorpio Mission suite with Satcom,  AIS, Flight Deck Display, Mission GPS-FMS,  1 TB DVR.

2011 - JS - 41 STC with 5 consoles & Scorpio RMS.

2011 - CVXN Demonstrated in several countries.

19/7/2010 - During Farnborough 2010, Caledonian Vixen demonstrated flying over the English Channel and being observed via Scorpio Base Station at ABZ.

11/7/2010 - Caledonian Vixen G-CVXN was upgraded to carry Seaspray 7300, Scorpio RMS and Test Flown the aircraft over the North Sea.

2009 - Contracted to design, manufacture and integrate seaspray 7300E and ScorpioŽ to B-200, SH3-D & F27MP

2009 - Patent on Scorpio Mission System.

2008 - Contracted to convert two BAE JS-41 aircraft to 5 consoles MPA with sophisticated mission system.  These aircraft have been flown in December 2009.

2008 - Acquired F-406MP ex Scottish fishery aircraft named as “Caledonian Vixen” G-CVXN.

14/03/2008 - US FAA issued STC SR02518NY for B-212 & B-412 for the installation of AF-ADELT CAS-CPT-900 series.

31/12/2007 - CAS-CPT-900: production of this TSO'd system reached 156 by 31st December 2007, having started in March 2005 following issue of the TSO. In mid 2011 the number of delivered systems was 300. Several hundreds of the original CAS-CPT-606 and CPT-609 are still in service throughout the world fitted to Helicopters and MPA's. 

31/12/2007 - CAS-CPT-396B MK-III: The latest version of this system has successfully completed test flight schedules of several hours flying over the Scottish Sector of the North Sea on the 20th December 2007. The test flights aimed at confirming enhancement of detection and tracking of small surface targets in high seas and were conducted by Maritime Surveillance Radar Officers. This latest version supersedes that delivered in September 2007.

23/10/2007 - Caledonian delivers the 138th AF-A.D.E.L.T CPT-900 since receiving its TSO in March 2005.

12/10/2007 - EASA issues validation of Caledonian's B-212 & B412 STC R.S.01388 to the FAA.

11/10/2007 - Caledonian delivers Light Dimmer Converter for installation on Russian Helicopters

08/10/2007 - Caledonian delivers ARINC Bus Converters to Australia

27/09/2007 - Reims F-406 MPA Mission Crew Training by Caledonian Staff completed.

26/07/2007 - EASA STC 1388 for B-212 and B-412 validated.

30/06/2007 - EASA STC 1386 for AB-212 and AB-412 validated.

05/04/2007 - Reims Aviation Industries has flown the first of three F-406 MPA on order for 2007 deliveries, all are equipped with Caledonian's Mission Systems.

05/04/2007 - ANAC “Agencia Nacional De Aviacao Civil” validation number 2007S03-09 of our EASA STC 1266 for AF-ADELT CAS-CPT-900 installation on Brazilian fleet of S-76c validated.

23/02/2007 - SCORPIOŽ Mission System with AIS CAS-CPT-210 is specified for more MPA's in 2007

06/02/2007 - Approvals page updated to show new EASA approvals.

04/12/2006 - Approvals page updated to show active pre-EASA approvals.

31/07/2006 - Caledonian announce new Maritime Surveillance System Suite Orders.

Caledonian Airborne Systems received, at Farnborough Air Show, confirmed orders from Reims Aviation Industries for the supply of 3 sets of Maritime Surveillance Systems for their confirmed 3 State Owned MPA new aircraft orders.

MPA F-406 will be equipped with

1- Caledonian Track While Scan TWS CAS-CPT-396
2- Caledonian Multi Function Displays including Flight Deck Repeater Display
3- Caledonian Digital Video Recorder
4- Caledonian MFD with IBM computer compatibility functionality
5- Caledonian SCORPIOŽ Mission System and Data link with Sat-Com and Shipping Automatic Identification System (AIS)
6- Advanced and automated ScorpioŽ and Track While Scan TWS integration Architecture.

Caledonian believe that the integration of the enhanced Scorpio with TWS is unique and offers Maritime Patrol Aircraft a significant tool to optimize Airborne Surveillance in terms of maximizing the affectivity of operation flight time and accuracy of information.

04/06/2006 - Caledonian unveils the new TWS Mark-IIIb system for 360 degree radars. 

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